Wait.. What?

So once upon a time, at least two babies ago, I was determined to become a Blogger. I would faithfully post at least three clever, informative, witty, and beautifully illustrated articles per week. They would  offer my flock of readers an enjoyable read whilst they indulged in their morning cuppa, and inspire them to take better care of themselves. They would be energized and motivated to declutter their houses, try out new personal styles, take confident steps towards new life goals, and grow closer to their creator.


Instead, I revisited a year ago, and in the most decisive and cowardly way, I deleted all of my posts and put my little failure on hiatus. But today, oh sweet readers (all seven of you, I’m looking at YOU, If Table) I’m BACK.

So buckle up, and check in while this bad boy is suffering some growing pains. Consider the dead ends and broken buttons my stretch marks. I’ll get it all sorted out. Click through my ancient posts in the meantime, while I work on my personal journey through homeschooling, teenagers, and my own spiritual walk.

It’s gonna be big.


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