Blow Outs…

The obvious title for this blog entry would have been “The Blow Job”, but c’mon. That was just too easy. But rest assured, my mind is that grungy. Regardless, I settled on a close second. For the mommies out there, we are all WELL AQUAINTED with the term “blow out”. It usually involves seedy poop between the babies shoulder blades. Good times, ah yes. Good times.

I had intended to post this last night, but in between the “Come to Jesus” I had to have with the kids (shortly after my second oldest declared me the WORST MOM EVER!) I was pretty exhausted and instead just vegged out in front of Pinterest. After the minions were down of course. But I’m here now, and that counts.

If you are just finding this post, and it’s sometime in February, then obviously you did NOT subscribe. That’s a bummer, cause there was a giveaway in January and you totally missed out. So go subscribe so you don’t miss out next time. Go on, I’ll wait. If it is indeed January 19th whilst you are reading this, then rest assured.. good things await. This weekend we’ll do a fun giveaway for some great Surface products.

So today we’re going to talk about drying your hair. I’ve been online fishing for some tutorials and inspiration, and have a few goodies to share with you. While watching the Pinterest stream, in the Hair and Beauty section, I noticed that folks are pinning hair that looks soft, fluffy, and romantic. Almost careless. Occasionally that super-sharp biased bob pops up, but more often than not, that bob has softened. It seems to me that Hollywood has a tendency to cut all it’s hair off, only to re-appear with bra strap length tendrils only a few months later. Ah, the beauty of extensions. Well, here in West Michigan, extensions are not the every day, and so I am hesitant to jump back on the short hair bandwagon that was so good to me for so many years. That’s not to say short hair isn’t full of awesome, because it is. It is completely supreme in my opinion. Unfortunately, I have a hubbins that just loves the long stuff, and for now, I’m humoring him. In the long run it pays off.. but it kills me when I see pictures like this:

Goldie Hawn

How fantastic is that short hair? I mean really.. It’s airy, light, feminine, and short! It’s also from HOW many years ago, and still looks awesome. I think a soft cut like that packs just as much romance into it as any head of long flowing layers. With that length, it’s obvious that some product and a round brush make the cut completely beautiful. So what if you want to go shorter?

Ginnifer Goodwin

Look how pixie short that hair is, but still tousled and romantic. How does she get  her hair to DO that?! When I pixied my hair, it just stuck flat to my head. What’s her secret??
The video below will help you out:



So let’s talk a little longer… hair that is. That biased bob that the mom-on-the-go look of the decade? Let’s soften it up a bit:

Kathryn Heigl

Paris Hilton

ZOMG Headband LOVE..

A little bit of surface layering, and a sideswept bang completely soften that angled cut, and yet you still have that sexy naked neck. So here’s some blow out education for medium length hair:

Placeholder, because I can’t find a decent tutorial so I’m gonna have to make my own. Meh.

In the meantime, a couple tips.

Tip #1. Use some kind of protectant. This would be a leave-in conditioner, or a blow dry cream. I use Surface’s Protien Cream.

Tip#2. Use a volumizing product. Generally a mousse works great for finer hair, but there are some great gels out there too. Again, I love Surface’s Reflect Gel.

Tip #3. Try to blow from root to ends. Yes, you can totally flip upside down to get some massive fluff and puff, but you’re going to do your finishing right side up, so remember to keep lifting your hair AWAY from the scalp.

Tip#4. If you have problem areas such as unruly bangs, start there. Get control of those tough spots right away.

And if you have long hair, and want to go hardcore pro:

Holy crap eh? Because Detroit don’t play..

Mascara.. blow dryers.. curling irons.. oh my!


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